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Volleyball Training With Kinetic Bands (Volleyball Resistance Bands)



Volleyball takes a lot of skill and discipline! You have to work hard to improve your skills.  Everybody knows that volleyball is a sport that requires a good vertical jump and the ability to move laterally quickly and efficiently.


Volleyball Training that includes resistance will build a strong core and strong legs which will help volleyball players jump higher, improve endurance and increase speed and efficiency in your lateral movement.


Using our volleyball resistance bands (Kinetic Bands) during your regular volleyball training allows players to move freely and strengthen core and leg muscles while they work on their lateral movements and volleyball jumps.


We guarantee results and offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Take your volleyball training to a higher level by wearing Myosource Kinetic Bands while you train.

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 Volleyball Training Articles

Volleyball Training

Speed and agility are critical attributes on the court for any volleyball player, and if you don’t have the power to hit the ball once you run it down, your team will suffer the consequences. Because of the unique ability of the Myosource Kinetic Resistance bands to increase core muscle strength, the bands can dramatically improve jumping ability and overall power. If you're looking for a full body workout, we recommend the Total Body Fitness Combo as it includes the KB Upper Body Workout Bands that will help a volleyball player improve upper body strength as well.


Volleyball Training | Benefits Of Resistance Bands

By position:


Volleyball Training - Spiking

Resistance bands will add leg strength for leverage, balance, and explosion. When a player spikes the volleyball,  jump height needs to be controlled and accurate. Myosource Kinetic bands resistance training will allow volleyball players to practice spiking just as they would in a game. When the bands are removed the players will feel a feather like feeling in their legs and are able to manufacture greater upward force when leaving the ground.


Volleyball Training - Blocking

Resistance bands training will enable a volleyball player to block by getting higher off the ground. The ability to extend the body to reach further above the net, blocking the ball earlier is crucial. Resistance training also provides muscle strength in the legs and hips for body control making it easier to block the ball in play instead of out of bounds. With the Myosource Kinetic Bands, blockers are able to train just like they would play in a game.


Volleyball Training - Passing

Resistance bands will add leg strength for stability and balance in order to get in the proper position to pass the ball to the setter from any place on the court. Strong legs will provide volleyball players with better balance and body control to increase the accuracy of passes to setters.


Volleyball Training - Digging

Resistance bands develop strong legs, providing the muscle strength for squatting lower to the ground to dig out a shot. Leg strength and flexibility are vital for volleyball diggers in order to reach full range of motion. Back row volleyball players spend a great deal of time attempting to get to the balls that are slammed towards the ground from a hitter or a powerful serve.


Volleyball Training - Serving

Resistance bands help develop strong legs and a strong core allowing a Volleyball Server to jump higher with explosive power transfering greater energy through the upper body for a great serve.


Volleyball Training - Setting

Resistance bands enhance a volleyball player’s ability to quickly change direction. Volleyball setters move in all directions on the court and need strength, flexibility, agility, and endurance to react quickly.


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