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Volleyball Setting

Volleyball Setting

Volleyball setters must get to the volleyball quickly and put it accurately where it needs to be for their hitter. The Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great tool for volleyball setters to build muscle mass and body strength to allow them to use their own body weight to build strength, while practicing their specific volleyball setting skills. The Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great tool for volleyball setters to warm up, stretch and practice to produce the best performance possible for their games.


What is a set? A volleyball set is an over the head pass to a hitter so they are able to spike the volleyball over the volleyball net. A hitter wants a setter they can trust to put the ball where it needs to be when it is supposed to be there. If a volleyball hitter and setter are not in rhythm with each other then the hits will not be successful. Volleyball setters have to be able to move around the court with ease. The volleyball setter’s goal should be to get in the direct line of the volleyball in order to set it accurately and timely for their hitter. Position makes a huge difference in setting a volleyball. The goal is for a volleyball setter to get to the ball quickly, square up, and use the proper hands and body position to set it.

Hand Positioning for Setting a Volleyball:

  • The volleyball setter will place their hands above their head with their fingertips spread apart. Do not let the volleyball touch the palms of the hands. This causes the volleyball to lose momentum.
  • The volleyball setter needs to keep their elbows out wide and to the side.
  • The volleyball setter needs their thumbs touching each other.
  • The volleyball setter has their index fingers touching each other.
  • The volleyball setter's hands are to end up in the form of the volleyball as they set it.

Now a volleyball setters hands are ready to catch and push the volleyball. The ring finger and the pinky finger are used to control the volleyball during a set. They need to stay curved upward and inward to clinch the volleyball so the set does not go the wrong direction.

Volleyball Practice Setting:

  • The volleyball setter will begin by tossing the volleyball in to the air and putting their hands in the proper setting position to catch it.
  • The volleyball setter will continue to repeat the first step, but begin holding the volleyball only shortly and then extend the arms up into the setting motion.
  • The volleyball setter will gradually shorten the pauses when catching the volleyball until it is a quick motion. Concentrate on controlling the volleyball.

Body Position for Setting a V

  • The volleyball setter will square their bodies up. Face the feet, hips, and shoulders towards the target. The legs are used for power to extend through their arms to the ball.
  • The volleyball setter will put their lead foot in front of the other slightly in order to maintain balance.
  • The volleyball setter will keep their back straight with their knees slightly bent.
  • The volleyball setter will put their hands above their head in the shape of the volleyball. Volleyball contact should always be performed above the forehead. The arms are extend fully with the body following.


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