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  • FREE Training Videos With Every Order of Kinetic Bands!
Green/Red Kinetic Bands for users who weigh 110 pounds (50 kg) or more
    Myosource Kinetic Bands are uniquely designed resistance bands for your legs that offer an affordable and effective way for any athlete to increase running speed, increase vertical jump, get quick feet, and improve overall...

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  • Choose from 5 different levels of resistance
    EACH SET OF RESISTANCE BANDS CONTAINS TWO BANDS (except for the Youth Red Bands*) YOUTH YELLOW - (Beginner) Used primarily for young athletes or those weighing less than 110 lbs. They are shorter and provide better...

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  • Includes: 4 levels of resistance, 2 handles, door mount, adjustable strap, carrying bag
    Great for Bicep Workouts, Tricep Workouts, Shoulders, Back and Core Build strength, tone and sculpt your upper body with KB Upper Body Workout Bands. Great for athletes who train to improve upper...

    $39.95 $29.95
  • Yellow: Beginner; Green: Intermediate; Red: Advanced; Blue: Advanced Athlete; Black: Pro Athlete (not shown)
    These extra resistance bands for the KB Upper Body Workout Bands can be used individually or together in any combination so you can get the exact level of resistance you deisre.  Whether you just need a replacement or...

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  • KB Duo Suspension Trainer
    GET EXTREME AB AND CORE WORKOUTS Body weight training is the newest kid on the block when it comes to fitness trends. The versatility of a body weight workout system like the KB Duo Body Weight Suspension Trainer allows...

    $99.95 $89.95
  • Martial Arts Upper Body Kinetic Bands
    Our unique upper body Kinetic Bands (resistance bands) provide a great upper body workout for martial artists.  Perform over 120 of the best exercises for your arms, shoulders, back, abdominal muscles,...

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  • 3 Sets of UPPER BODY Extra Resistance Bands
    Extra Resistance Bands for the Martial Arts Upper Body Kinetic Bands Each package of UPPER BODY Extra Resistance Bands includes 3 sets of bands in different lengths and one resistance level (You must select the desired...

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  • Includes: Kinetic Bands, KB Upper Body Workout Bands, and KB Duo
    MyoFlex Total Body Workout System combines three great products to provide the serious athlete with an exceptional workout for every part of your body. * Save $19.90* when you purchase this powerful workout combination. *...

    $139.85 $119.95
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  • Rotator Cuff
    The Myosource Athletic Stretching Strap is a great stretching and warm-up tool for everyone! The Athletic Stretching Strap was designed to help athletes stretch out without putting any unnecessary stress on joints...

  • The Real Runner Speed Training Machine
    The REAL RUNNER speed training machine offers the ultimate workout for sprint speed training through resistance. 20-30 seconds on the "Real Runner" at level one will get the attention of any athlete and yet The Real Runner...

    $1,995.00 $1,795.00
  • Our training cones are sold individually so you can put together a training package that meets your needs.
    Sold individually - Our KB Quick Feet Training Cones are an affordable training tool to help you work on foot speed (quick feet), agility, and change of direction. These lightweight low-profile cones are flexible yet...

    Work at your own pace to improve foot speed, change of direction, body control, and balance with the KB Quick Step Agility Ladder from Myosource.  Perform multiple ladder drills to help you improve athletic performance...

    $34.95 $24.95

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