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How Football Training Aids Help...

Pre-Game Warm-Up

Kinetic Bands are great for use during a pre-game stretch to get your body game ready. Incorporating our football resistance bands into your pre-game workouts will decrease your warm-up time, improve muscle memory, and help reduce the risk of injuries during the game.

Off-season Conditioning and Training

Our resistance bands complement any football training program and allow you to get great results in half the time. Whether you use Myosource Kinetic Bands in a planned workout session or for a little added exercise, such as taking a walk or mowing the lawn, you will get results you can feel immediately.


Incorporating the Kinetic Bands into your regular football training exercises will help linemen improve leg strength for better leverage, balance, and explosion.


Football training exercises that include resistance will help a quarterback improve leg strength for breakaways and change of direction to avoid sacks. Using the Kinetic Bands to improve core, hip, and leg strength will also provide you with better balance and flexibility for taking the snap and can help increase your throwing velocity and accuracy.

Ball Carriers

Using the Myosource Resistance Bands during your regular football training exercises will strengthen core and leg muscles to improve leg drive, speed, and explosion. Ball carriers need strong legs for breaking tackles and gaining yards.


It takes strong legs to out run and create separation from defenders. Football training exercises that include resistance from the Kinetic Bands will strengthen a receivers core, legs, and hips.

Defensive Players

Resistance training with the Kinetic Bands during regular football training exercises will enhance a defenders ability to quickly change direction and improve their speed and quickness in breaking to the ball or ball carrier. Strong legs and a good solid core will also make you more effective at tackling.

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