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Basketball Resistance Training with Kinetic Bands

Basketball strength training with Kinetic Bands will make you a better player and give you an edge over the opponent. Strong legs and strong core muscles will help you become a stronger player both offensively and defensively because...

You will have the endurance to out last your opponent.

Your quick feet and the ability to change direction quickly will help you react to the movement of the basketball and players around the court.

Your improved speed and balance will help with lateral movement so you can get into position faster to guard an opponent or quickly and confidently move past a defender.

Your ability to jump higher will help you score, rebound, block shots and passes.

It will give you the confidence to compete at your highest level.


Coaches Clipboard

How can resistance training with the Kinetic Bands help?
Footwork Quick feet are essential to body position on offense and defense.
Balance Maintaining your balance allows you to be quicker with the ball and without.
Defense Combining footwork and balance allows for better defense and recovery.
First Step Separation from a defender to make passes and take shots.
Crossover Quickness in a crossover move makes you successful.
Rebounding Having a strong base and being quicker to the ball.
Back to the basket Develop a quick drop step and seal to the basket is an easy two points.
Triple Threat Quick jumper, drive step dribble into a shot or blow by to the basket.
Catch and Shoot Proper form to receive the ball with a drop step and then step into a shot.
Recovery If the offensive player gets by you having the ability to recover your position.

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