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Resistance Training Helps...

Improve Baseball Fielding

Successful infielders and outfielders need quick lateral movement. Using a resistance training aid like Kinetic Bands while performing some basic ladder drills can help you develop a quick first step and improve your ability to change direction quickly while maintaining body control.

Improve Baseball Base Running

Resistance training with Kinetic Bands can help you increase base running speed by building leg strength, hip flexor strength, stronger glutes for power and explosion, increasing flexibility, and improving balance.

Improve Baseball Pitching and Throwing

Good mechanics are fundamental to becoming a great pitcher. Strong legs and good shoulder and arm strength are also important for aiding a pitcher with delivery and endurance and can help increase pitching velocity, power, and ball movement. It's important to properly stretch before throwing to reduce the risk of injury.

Improve Baseball Hitting

Becoming a better hitter requires skills such as quick hands, concentration, good hand/eye coordination, flexibility, and strength. Many hitters focus on building upper body strength, but increasing lower body and core strength can really help increase power at the plate. Good hitters also need good hip flexibility for a quick first step down the baseline.

Baseball Training Library

Base Running with Speed and Explosive Power

Baseball Chair Drill

Baseball Fielding

Baseball Hitting

Baseball Infielding

Baseball Outfielding

Baseball Warm up

Flexibility Workouts

Pitching Velocity

Quick Lateral Movement

Shoulder and Arm Strength

Baseball Training Aids

  • Two leg straps, two sets of resistance bands, a handy mesh travel bag. Also includes a free Athletic Stretching Strap and free training information.
    Kinetic Bands are a unique resistance training product that provides a heart healthy, strength building workout for all ages (7+). These comfortable leg resistance bands fit just above your knees and are an affordable...

    $39.95 $29.95
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  • Fit Athlete Training Combo with DVD
    The Fit Athlete Training Combo provides a full body workout for athletes of all ages (7+) and performance levels. Myosource Kinetic Bands' unique upper and lower body resistance bands help strengthen your legs, hips, core...

    $79.90 $49.95
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  • Includes: 2 adjustable suspension straps, 2 comfort grip handles, door mount, mounting strap, handy travel bag
    GET EXTREME AB AND CORE WORKOUTS Body weight training is the newest kid on the block when it comes to fitness trends. The versatility of a body weight workout system like the Myosource Body Weight Suspension...

    $99.95 $69.95
  • Includes: 4 levels of resistance, 2 handles, door mount, adjustable strap, carrying bag
    Great for Bicep Workouts, Tricep Workouts, Shoulders, Back and Core Build strength, tone and sculpt your upper body with KB Upper Body Workout Bands. Great for athletes who train to improve upper...

    $39.95 $29.95
  • 15 ft (4.5720m ) 9 rung Ladder with handy travel bag
    Work at your own pace to improve foot speed, change of direction, body control, and balance with the KB Quick Step Agility Ladder from Myosource.  Perform multiple ladder drills to help you improve athletic performance...

    $34.95 $24.95
  • Cones are sold individually so you can put together a training package that meets your needs
    Our KB Quick Feet Training Cones are an affordable training tool to help you work on foot speed (quick feet), agility, and change of direction. These lightweight, low-profile, cones are flexible yet sturdy, stackable and...

  • Rotator Cuff
    The Myosource Athletic Stretching Strap is a great stretching and warm-up tool for everyone! The Athletic Stretching Strap was designed to help athletes stretch out without putting any unnecessary stress on joints. This...

  • Head On The Ball attaches to most batting helmets and helps softball and baseball players learn to focus on the ball to improve their hitting skills.
    From:  Dr. Beth Bazin FCOVD at Bazin Optometry, P.C. " The Head on the Ball training device is a great tool to teach hitters how to focus, keep your head and eyes on the ball, and improve hitting. Please be aware this...


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