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Base Running with Speed and Explosive Power

Running the Bases -
Quickly and Effectively

A split second in base running speed can determine whether you're called safe or out at the plate. Base runners need good speed, footwork, flexibility, mobility, quick firing muscles, and stability to run the bases quickly and effectively. The team that is able to produce runs by using good base running skills and speed has a greater advantage.

Benefits of Using Resistance To Improve Base Running Skills

Working to improve base running skills and speed is an essential part of baseball training. One of the greatest benefits of training with leg resistance bands like Myosource Kinetic Bands is that they allow full range of motion so you can work on speed, strength, explosive power and conditioning at the same time you work on your baseball skills. The Myosource Kinetic Bands can help a hitter explode out of the batters box or take off in an attempt to steal a base much quicker. This could be the difference between being called safe and out. When stealing a base your start is everything. Many runners who might not be as fast as others have better stolen base numbers because they are better base runners. So if you are one of those who has speed but maybe not blazing speed, you can become faster and more explosive on the base pads with Kinetic Bands.

Baseball player working to improve base running skills and speed.

These base running drills should be performed using the Kinetic Bands and as directed for maximum benefits.

Simulation Training Drill #1: Start To Finish

This drill is designed to improve explosive speed and power. Begin by assuming a position just off first base at the point where you would take a normal lead. While anticipating the pitcher's move home, take off for second base by crossing your left leg over your right leg (crossover move). Explode through your dig phase and run toward second base, decelerating as you approach the bag. Repeat this drill 6-8 times resisted (with the bands on). Then remove the bands and repeat this same drill 3-4 times unresisted (with the bands off). Notice the explosion you have towards second base now. Its important to remember to stay balanced in order to move back to the bag on a pick off attempt or make your break and explode toward second base. Be sure to complete the crossover move, right to left if going back to first base or left to right if headed to second base. Leading with your right leg instead of crossing over will only slow you down on your attempt to steal a base.

Simulation Training Drill #2: Home to First

This is a great drill working on your home plate to first base speed and explosion. Best results come from simulating swinging the bat, working on first-step exploding out of the box, and working on running full speed all the way through first base at 100%. We also suggest repeating the drill making your turn towards second.  Suggested reps:  4-6 resisted and 2-3 un-resisted.

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